Usage basics

First you need to have prepared config file(s) with at least minimal mandatory configuration and repocribro successfully installed(see Installation and Configuration).

$ repocribro --config <config_file> [command] [command options]
$ repocribro -c <config_file> [command] [command options]
$ repocribro -c <config_file_1> -c <config_file_2> [command] [command options]

For all commands you can specify configuration file(s) of repocribro app, order of arguments matters only if you are overriding same configuration variable in those files. If no config files are specified those from default path will be used.


After supplying configuration files you can use various commands. Full list of commands with details are described within CLI commands.

For starting the web application (server) use:

$ repocribro runserver

Common options

You can also use standard -?, --help and --version:

$ repocribro --help
usage: repocribro [-c CFG_FILES] [-v] [-?] {runserver,db,shell,repocheck} ...

positional arguments:
    runserver           Runs the Flask development server i.e.
    db                  Perform database migrations
    shell               Runs a Python shell inside Flask application context.
    repocheck           Perform check procedure of repository events

optional arguments:
  -c CFG_FILES, --config CFG_FILES
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -?, --help            show this help message and exit

$ repocribro --version
repocribro v0.0